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Easy steps to installing Node, NPM, TypeScript, and Bower in Windows

1. to install The package manager for Windows – click “Install Chocolatey Now” button.

2. Copy the cmd.exe or PowerShell.exe command line as applicable (screenshot from install link below).  Note: I don't have them available here as they are likely to be updated.


3. After installation is complete, exit and launch command prompt (CMD.EXE) as administrator and execute the command c:/> choco install nodejs.install as shown in image below:


4. Exit the command window and re-launch the command window; you can now execute the following commands to install typescript and bower

    a. npm install – g typescript

    b. npm install –g bower

More on

View the chocolatey packages page to see other packages that can be installed:  I have a command file that contains the following:

  choco install nodejs.install
  choco install 7zip.install
  choco install notepadplusplus.install
  choco install git.install
  choco install visualstudiocode
  choco install github
  choco install visualstudio2017enterprise

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