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Salesforce and Eclipse… arghhhh!!

Salesforce rocks, I took their Trailhead beginner and intermediate developer courses at and was very, very impressed.  It combined my experience of ASP.NET MVC, SQL, C#, and Visual Foxpro (data integrated with environment) and combined it into one very powerful package.   I was able to do everything with their online development environment except for source control which is where Eclipse stepped in….

If a picture says a thousand words then all I can say about my experience with Eclipse is

For a Visual Studio developer it is a jaw dropping [dismay], depressing, wondering if the IDE is locked up experience – if you have a large org, as I do, you will be staring at “not responding” a lot.   


DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE and select the first radio button in the image above if you have a large org as you will be staring at a cursor for 15-20 minutes before you can start using the system (no it is not locked up).

FORTUNATELY, my corporate client has a coding standard that requires us to use a four character prefix – this was a lifesaver in this situation, but still had me wondering if I was locked up – or when/if the process was ever going to end… 

So if you select the second radio button from the image above and are fortunate enough to use this (because you have a consistent filter phrase) you will be able to type in your search phrase, e.g., “LMSF”.  Typing is extremely sluggish (in my case I had to wait for it to start responding again) and you will be presented with a list of available objects to select from.


But the torture doesn’t end yet!!   Oh you think I am exaggerating?  Take two minutes of your life and watch this video clip to get a glimpse of what your experience will be like if working with a large org.   VERY IMPORTANT FACT YOU MUST UNDERSTAND AS A NEWBIE – pay very close attention to the progress bar in the bottom right hand corner – I failed to my first attempt and I thought the process was completed (after waiting 15 minutes) because the dialog box simply disappears.  So I started using eclipse (it will let you) only to discover my components were not all there, so I started the process again (to get missing components) not realizing it was still processing -  I missed the progress bar in the bottom right corner ---- ARGHHHH!!!!!  

If you watch the video clip progress bar you might think that once it gets to 100% that you are done – not so lucky, it starts over at 0% and repeats this continually over and over again with no clue of when it will be done.

So after sluggish performance, wondering if your IDE is locked up half the time, having to be very patient every time you try to expand a tree node, and tired of looking at a never ending progress bar – you might do like me and say “screw this” there has to be a better way and exit the application.   You will then see something like the pane on the left…. I was like “Okay, maybe this tells me when I’ll be done – I only have to go up to 79 files”.    THEN you wait and the pane on the right shows up – 373 files…. ARGHHH!!!!


At this point I am wondering – what the heck is it doing because I did not ask for these files.  I only requested my 30 or so files that start with LMSF as indicated in the image before this one.   Get me to that darn Task Manager so I can close this thing – CALL ME SPOILED but this is nothing I have ever had to deal with while working with Visual Studio…. I am out of here…

I wasted hours of my life trying to start from scratch working with Eclipse

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